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Upcycled and elegantly handcrafted premium bags.

Salty Bag's mission is to handcraft premium bags out of de-commissioned sails. Founded in 2013, by Stratis Andriadis, Salty Bag was the first upcycling company in Greece. All bags are designed and handmade in the workshop on the island of Corfu. Environmentally responsible production and the sustainable re-use of resources is at the core of Salty Bag. Reusing sails reduces a carbon footprint and contributes to environmental value. In a world of finite resources Salty Bag prevents waste by using a modular system and thereby adopting a smarter use of existing materials such as the premium vacheta leather finishes. Today, Salty Bag is the Winner of the 2019 Bravo Sustainbility Awards.

All sails go through a meticulous quality control process. Every sailcloth is carefully washed before assembly in the most environmentally responsible way. In the selection of the sails, Salty bag do not try to avoid them, but treasure them! Therefore, residual marks are part of the journey of the sail #notastain -
Each piece is meticulously cut and traced by hand and lovingly transformed into a bag - the next step in its journey. Every finished bag comes with a unique tag detailing the story of the journeys the sail came from - its travels on the seas, the name of the boat and the distance it sailed. Highlighting the  unique product that has travelled hundreds often thousands of miles across the seas.

Founded by Stratis Andriadis.

Each piece is meticulously cut and traced by hand.

Sails are salvaged and goes through quality control.

Designed and cut using a modular system, each Salty Bag minimises waste.

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